Summer Fades Away | Misty Aldrich, Library Assistant

The days seem to be getting shorter and the camping gear is being put away, the children are looking at new backpacks and school supplies, and the yellow school buses are being cleaned and readied for the first day of school. I am reminiscing about a book I had a chance to read over the summer.

“We Are All the Same in the Dark” is a novel by Julia Heaberlin. This is a fiction book, but it has twists and turns like a mystery and talks about spirits and other things like that, so it has some fantasy, too. That is why I liked it. 

The main characters are a man named Wyatt, a police officer named Odette, and a mute girl with one eye that they call Angel.

The story begins ten years after Wyatt’s sister Trumanell went missing. He was accused of being involved, but was never charged. When Wyatt finds a mute girl lost in a field who is badly hurt, she reminds him of his missing sister. He calls her “Angel” and calls in the local police to help.

The officer assigned to the case, Odette, brings Angel back to the station and starts to try and figure out the situation, and if this girl is in any way tied to Trumanell’s disappearance. As Odette digs deeper into Angel’s case, she starts to remember the day that Trumanell went missing. It turns out Odette lost something that day, too.

This book has a lot of twist and turns and will have you hanging on to every word until the very end. As fall starts to come around the corner, the weather turns colder, and days become shorter and shorter, grab something warm and this book. Or choose another one that makes you warm inside or wakes up your senses – we have a lot of them here at the Library.

Until next time, enjoy the changing seasons and fall into a wonderful book.

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