Youth Book Club Reads “The Girl Who Drank the Moon” | Brittney Uecker, Youth Services Librarian

Has your child ever read a book they loved so much that they couldn’t wait to talk about it? One of the greatest joys of reading for children and adults alike is talking about books we’ve read and why we loved them (or didn’t). For kids, the structure of a book club makes this practice less intimidating and provides a social connection through reading. This is why the Lewistown Library is excited to bring back our Youth Book Club this winter. We will be reading the Newbery award winning story “The Girl Who Drank the Moon” by Kelly Barnhill.

When I first started my position as youth librarian and was getting to know my collection, I asked one of my fantasy-reading friends about great youth fantasy books I should be aware of. She immediately recommended “The Girl Who Drank the Moon”. In this book, the people of the Protectorate are taught to leave a baby in the forest as a yearly sacrifice to appease the witch who rules over it. However, this supposedly evil witch, Xan, is actually kind and gentle. Instead of taking the babies as a sacrifice, she delivers them to loving families in the Outside Cities, but not before feeding them starlight. Once, she accidentally feeds a baby named Luna moonlight with the starlight, giving her magical powers. When the true evil witch begins to reign terror on the land, this moonlight magic must be harnessed in order to restore peace.

If you enjoy twisting stories that weave together magic, love, and landscape or tales that plot good against a mysterious evil, “The Girl Who Drank the Moon” will satisfy your whims. The voice flows with a water-like quality, and while the conflicts are high-stakes, enjoyable characters like Xan and Luna inject lightness into the story. While this book is written for a middle grade audience (ages 8-12), grownups will also enjoy this enchanting story.

Stop by the Library today to pick up a copy of “The Girl Who Drank the Moon.” We also have copies of the reader’s guide for this book to give you discussion questions to consider as you read. We will meet on Tuesday, February 22 at 4PM to discuss the book. If you have any questions about the Youth Book Club, contact Brittney at 406-538-5212.

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