Together by Dani Buehler

Want a feel-good book? Well, have I got a title to share with you. A few weeks ago, my boys and I were checking out items at our local library and I gravitated to a book titled, “Every Little Letter” by Deborah Underwood. I saw the title and the bibliophile in me could not resist, a book about letters, sign me up! That night, as our family’s bedtime rituals began the matter of bedtime stories became the prominent topic. The boys had had one of their, “I love you brother…you are best” kind of nights and requested, as they often do on these nights, to read stories all together as a family. This is quite the process; everyone chooses a book and we snuggle into a warm blanket and read as a family (some of my very favorite moments). We discovered dinosaurs, trucks, and magical lands together and as the evening’s readings were concluding, I got to read the book that I had chosen for the group, “Every Little Letter.” I started the brilliantly unassuming book with no idea of what lay inside. Upon opening the cover, Joy Hwang Ruiz and Jiae Hwang’s beautifully delicate illustrations softened my mind and my outlook. The story is simple. Each letter has their own world, large walls separate the distinct letters and keep them apart. Lowercase h notices that something lies beyond the boundary walls and finds the world of the letter I. Lowercase h and lowercase i meet up and find commonality. In their shared experience something grows, hi. Together they embark on the journey to find what else can be created when you come together to build something. Distrust and fear turn into community and powerful words like, TOGETHER are created. As I closed the book, I was in awe of the power of even the humblest literature to create emotions within us. Literature can steer us towards bravery, courage, community, care, humility, and respect. It is often good to take a moment and ruminate upon what we can create when we work together. For example, take this beautiful Library in which I work. The residents of the newly born Lewistown and Fergus County came together and decided to invest in a community house of information and connection. And here we stand, 115 years later still striving to bring letters together to build the fabric of our home.  

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