It’s Groundhog Day, again and again and again by Kari Denison

Groundhog Day is an observed holiday every February 2.  The day’s ritual proclaims to predict the timing of the arrival of spring.  According to the tradition, the groundhog’s shadow is the indicator of whether spring will come in like a lamb or out like a lion.  Thisis based on the Pennsylvania Dutch superstition. 

There is no science-based evidence supporting this theory.  However, this observation has remained popular enough to be acknowledged yearly and inspired the premise for a well-known movie, “Groundhog Day.”

This 1993 classic starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell comedically dramatizes a day in the life of Pittsburgh weatherman Phil Connors, who wakes up every day to the same day as before.  This situation proves very frustrating to Phil.  He feels trapped as he desperately tries to escape the replay of his life.  In the end, Phil realizes his limitations that have led to his life feeling stuck in time.  It turns out, all along Phil possessed the tools to make his terrible day into a wonderful one.

For close to a year now, realityhas felt a bit like “Groundhog Day.”  The pandemic has proved to have somewhat of a time loop effect reminiscent of what Phil Connors experienced.  This strange time has provided us with an opportunity to reflect, think outside the box and adapt.  In lieu of a time loop status within the current reality, some have taken up a new hobby, started a new job, found new inspiration, discovered new devotion, taken up cooking or baking or discovered new ways to find a light and interact positively in their respective community.   

Lessons from “Groundhog Day” point toward a few key qualities to achieve and maintain a fulfilling, engaging life:  resiliency, resourcefulness, mindfulness, appreciation, values, agility and connectedness.  (Paul Hannam, “The Wisdom of Groundhog Day,” page 252).  Your LPL has a wide variety of items for checkout to learn more about each topic and explore new opportunities.

Every day is a new day.  Make it a good one!

Groundhog Day related items available for checkout: “The Wisdom of Groundhog Day:  How to Improve Your Life One Day at a Time” by Paul Hannam; “Groundhog Day” released in 1993 starring Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell and Chris Elliot; “It’s Groundhog Day!” by Steven Kroll.

A small sampling of related self-improvement books: “Braving the Wilderness” by Brene Brown; “The Book of Joy” Dalai Lama XIV; “How to Meditate” by Pema Chodron; “The Four Agreements” by Miguel Ruiz; plus many, many more.

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