Look to the library for holiday movie classics By Kari Denison

Welcome December!  Tis the season to start getting into the holiday spirit, and your local library is a great place to find your favorite holiday movies.

My family has a few favorite holiday movies we snuggle in to watch every year – one of our fun traditions.  Some holidays we may even watch a selected title multiple times until we’ve had our fill.  The only criteria to watching our favorites is to wait until after Thanksgiving Day to dive into Christmas.  This year I only had to divert the family once when asked to watch “Elf” before Thanksgiving Day.

Here’s the top five holiday movies in my world:   

#5 – “It’s a Wonderful Life” is the newest holiday movie added to my list.  This holiday classic was inherited to my favorite holiday movie list from my husband – as it was one of his family’s holiday movie favorites.  This movie digs into the highs and lows of life and the holiday season. In the end, happiness prevails.

#4 – “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer” is one of the oldest holiday favorites on my list.  In my younger years this classic aired one time a year on television and I could not miss it.  This holiday classic is one I still greatly enjoy and even though my kids may have outgrown it, I have not.  The story follows Rudolf on his adventure to discover himself and the meaning of the season.

#3 – “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is another of the longest standing favorites on my list (which also only aired once a year back in the day).  I love the Grinch!  The Grinch suffered a difficult adolescence that led to isolation and discontent later in life.  One small gesture by a wee Who led the way for the Grinch to heal and love others. 

#2 – “Elf” is a huge hit in our household and on the favorites list since it released in 2003.  “Elf” is the tale of Buddy the Elf and his coming of age.  Buddy (Will Ferrell at his best) is adopted and raised by Papa Elf after climbing into Santa’s bag at the orphanage as an infant one Christmas Eve.  Buddy takes an epic adventure from the North Pole to his birthplace and along the way discovers his place in the world. 

#1 – “Christmas Vacation” is the all-time favorite holiday movie on my list!  The Griswolds family Christmas is the most hilarious holiday celebration of all time.  Clark Griswold goes to every length to make his family’s holiday perfect while hosting in-laws.  As the holiday approaches and family continues to arrive for the festivities, many mishaps endure and the Griswolds’ merry holiday is in jeopardy.  This movie displays the very many flaws possible for the average American family when it comes to stress involved with hosting.  In the end, with seemingly very little on the surface to celebrate, the Griswolds find peace and happiness.

Holiday classics are a fine way to ring in the holiday season.  The Library is thrilled to bring “Elf” on the big screen at the Judith Theatre this holiday season!  Join us on Saturday, Dec. 14 at the Judith Theatre for a free showing.  Showtime is 11:00 a.m.  Thank you to the Friends of the Lewistown Public Library for generously sponsoring this event.

For other holiday favorites, check out our card catalog at www.lewistownlibrary.org.

Happy Holidays!   

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