Minutes 1/9/14

Lewistown Public Library’s Mission Statement:

“The Lewistown Public Library provides free and equal access to quality materials and services, which fulfill the educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of the entire community.”

2:05 PM Call to order — roll call – Regular meeting of the Library Board of Trustees was called to order by Tom Wojtowick, Chairperson. Members present: Tom Wojtowick, Cathy Moser, Mary Frieze (came to meeting at 2:40 p.m.), Blanche Chapman, Marie Anderson, Ex-Officio Excused: Commissioner Patty Turk; Director: KellyAnne Terry; Recorder of Minutes: Joyce Swanz

Reading of the Mission Statement: Marie Anderson

Revisions to the Agenda:
• None

Comments for the Good of the Library:
• Tom was pleased that Patty Turk will once again serve as the City appointed Commissioner for the Library Board

Disposition of Minutes:
• Blanche moved to accept the December 12, 2013 regular Board meeting minutes and Cathy seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Financial Report
• Friends of the Library donated $2000 to the Library for new AV equipment (an LCD projector and a Public Address System). The FOL also donated $400 for the World Book set.
• $11,000 was deposited in the Library account from the CMF interest funds.
• Tom pointed out a discrepancy in the energy bills and KellyAnne will check on this and report back to the Board.
• Cathy moved to accept the claims as paid and Blanche seconded, the motion passed unanimously.

Administrative Director’s Report:
• Administrative Director’s Report accepted as presented and the report is attached.
• KellyAnne handed out the Statistical Reports.
• Website is still under construction.
• Staff evaluations in January.
• Significant end of year donations include $5,000 from Hi-Heat Industries and $5,000 from George Mueller for the Mueller Library Fund.
• The Library will receive some of the estate of Dorothy Jones as stated in her will. Kevin Myhre is being appointed as executor of the estate.
• KellyAnne discussed upcoming events as listed under continuing business.
• The City Commission appointed Patty Turk to serve another year on the Library Board. KellyAnne mentioned that Mary Frieze is currently filling out a term and this expires in March. Mary will reapply for appointment to the Board.

Friends of the Library:
• January 4th Book Sale brought in $375.86 despite a very cold day.
• Dryn Durley, a new volunteer, sold 14 new memberships at the Book Sale. She did point out that many book buyers did not know the Book Sale is managed by the Friends.
• The Friends are currently doing their annual membership drive.
• There will be a special Book Sale one January 25th (for Winter Fair). There will be no book sale in February.
• The Friends have developed a book sorting criteria for donating books, and will also have monthly half price sales on different genres or themed books each month.

Discussion with the Public
• Reappointments for City Boards come up in January. Patty mentioned her willingness to again serve on the Library Board.

Continuing Business:

• Central Montana Mentoring – January 20, 2014
• Chili Bowl – January 31, 2014
• Night in Paris – February 20, 2014
• Author Dinner – May 14, 2014

New Business:
• KellyAnne reported on The Calvert sign that sits on the Book Station parking lot. The agreement between The Calvert and the Library has now lapsed, and no payment for utilities has been made for two years. The sign has been turned off until a new agreement can be drawn up.
• Offline: Feb. 7-8 in Helena, MT – library conference on technology, KellyAnne attending
• Hometown Humanities Grant – KellyAnne has submitted this grant which would provide one year of free programming from Humanities Montana for the community. The Library is partnering with the BLM (Zane Fulbright, archaeologist) on this project.
• Director’s Evaluation – March 2014, KellyAnne announced she was accepted into Gonzaga University’s Master’s in Organizational Leadership program. This is a two year program.

Trustee Minute:
• Several board members commented on the Department of Transportation’s plan to reroute traffic around Lewistown. KellyAnne said that now is the time to comment and Tom referred people to a website to state their opinions.

3:20 PM Meeting adjourned.

NEXT REGULAR BOARD MEETING: February 13, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. in the Upstairs Meeting Room.

Respectively Submitted: KellyAnne Terry, Director

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