The library dives into the world of podcasts to create – In the Stacks – by Brittney Uecker

Podcasts have been important, popular, and accessible avenues of information for over a decade, and in this unprecedented time of fast change and social isolation, they are more important than ever. Sounds a lot like something else I know – oh yeah, libraries. The role of a library is expansive and sometimes difficult to define, but one thing is for certain – libraries in general, and our library in particular, are crucial institutions that meld information, education, entertainment, and community spirit into a resource that is accessible for all. It seems only natural that a resource that provides information – libraries – and a platform that increases its accessibility – podcasts – come together to give our patrons and listeners In the Stacks, a podcast about the wide and wild world of libraries, produced by the staff at the Lewistown Public Library.

In each episode, we will be diving into a topic of interest related to libraries. The great thing about libraries is that they are extremely broad in scope and welcoming of all perspectives – the subjects of our episodes will reflect this wide range. In the Stacks will be an extension of our library collections and services, giving you information in a new way through conversations on the many things that a library is and does. We will bring you education about information skills, including media literacy and tech. We will offer book and movie reviews and suggestions for titles. We will bring you interviews with staff, patrons, and community members and provide a sounding board for discussions about pertinent topics. We will dive into the importance of libraries as a community hub and resource, especially in rural areas such as the one our library serves.

Subscribe to In the Stacks on many major podcast platforms. We will bring you new episodes every few weeks. The trailer is out, and our first episode just launched this week. If you have an idea for an episode or a topic you would like us to explore, email us at Follow us at @lplgram on Instagram or Lewistown Public Library on Facebook for the latest updates on library happenings, including the podcast. We are excited to bring you this new and exciting project and we know you will love it. Thank you for supporting the library.

Listen to the trailer—Trailer-eio6bf/a-a33v4v7
Listen to the very first podcast–Our-Favorite-Books-ejo8l8/a-a3aclqh
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