Public Library Card Free to Residents by Kari Denison

Lewistown and Fergus County residents are eligible for a free library card at the Lewistown Public Library.  The process is quick and easy. 

To apply for a library card, the applicant needs proof of current residence in Lewistown or Fergus County and a photo identification card.  Bring these items to the front desk at the Library located at 701 West Main Street. 

At the front desk, a librarian will ask for your proof of current residence and photo identification.  The applicant will complete a brief contact card and receive a physical library card as well as library services information.

The new card holder can check out physical library items or access the virtual collection MTLIB2GO immediately. The physical library collection offers books, audiobooks, and movies for all ages.

Temporary library cards are also available for a small charge for those who are not residents of Lewistown or Fergus County.  More information about temporary library cards can be found on the website at

The Lewistown Public Library is open to the public Tuesday – Friday 10 am – 5 pm and Saturday 10 am – 2 pm.  The library is open by appointment only Tuesday – Friday 9 am – 10 am.  Call 538-5212 to make an appointment.  Masks are required to patronize the library at this time.  Thank you for following health & safety requirements of mandatory masking (four active cases within a county) per Governor’s Directive on 7.15.2020 to enter the Library.

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