From the Library Archives: The Day House Hotel by Nancy Watts

In the 1880s, Lewistown and Reedsfort were located within ½ mile of each other. Reedsfort was located on Casino Creek Drive where the old Reedsfort Post Office now stands. Both hamlets gradually grew into one town (Lewistown). At Reedsfort, Frank Day and Jacob Holzemer had a wagon and blacksmith shop on this property. In 1925, Frank Day donated the land which included the Reedsfort Post Office and the land where the swimming pool is now to the city of Lewistown.

Photo #1: Reedsfort, circa 1884. The Day House Hotel is in the center of the photo.
The Reedsfort Post Office is the log building in the foreground.
(Sketch is from the book: “History of Montana, 1739-1885” by Michael Leeson).

Photo #2: This is a closer view of the Day House Hotel at Reedsfort.
It was built in 1883 by Frank Day and Jacob Holzemer.
It was moved to Lewistown in 1886 on the corner of Main and 4th Ave. North.

Photo #3: This is the Day House Hotel after it was moved to Lewistown from Reedsfort.
An addition was put on in 1889. It was located on the corner of Main Street
and 4th Ave. North (where the American Legion is now).

Photo #4: In 1908, the Empire Block building (now American Legion) was constructed on the same corner so the Day House Hotel was moved behind it to the corner of Broadway
and 4th Ave North (the buildings with balconies).
The Hotel was torn down in 1949.

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