Chili Bowl Success by Kari Denison

The Lewistown Public Library’s 7th Annual Chili Bowl was the biggest and best Chili Bowl thus far!  Twenty-nine teams participated in the trivia.  Some teams were in it for the fun and others participated to win big.  To be the winner of the Chili Bowl, after all, is a tremendous victory.

At the end of the 10 rounds, we had a tie.  Emcee/Director extraordinaire KellyAnne Terry, called off the tie-breaker round.  All were in suspense as the final two teams dueled it out to be the Chili Bowl winner.  The top team won the final round by 1 point!

Congratulations to our top-winning teams and a big thank you to all teams that participated.

Outhouse Readers are the 2018 Chili Bowl Champs. Party Smants is the 2nd place winner.  The 3rd place team is Here For The Chili and 4th place goes to Mental Floss.                 .

The Library would like to thank the community for their incredible support for the 2018 Chili Bowl fundraiser.  Proceeds from the event benefit the Summer Reading Program.  Thank you to the generosity of our sponsors – Jack’s Hanger, Albertsons, Shopko and the Friends of the Library.

(Pictured Outhouse Readers – 2018 Chili Bowl Winners)

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