2017 in the Books! By Kari Denison

I am rather pleased with myself as this year I accomplished to read more than I have since my college days.  One way I know this… I kept a list!  Keeping a list was an idea I borrowed from a regular patron who boasted that the only way she can keep track of what she’s read is by keeping a list.  What a novel idea!  Keep a list of books to read and check them off.  Splendid idea, thank you!

I kicked off 2017 with Wishful Drinking – a witty, sarcastic hard-hitting memoir written by the one and only Princess Leah (Carrie Fisher). Living a celebrity life with celebrity roots, Fisher takes the reader into a lavish and often conflicted lifestyle of stardom and challenge. I devoured the read in no time. Cheers!

Reflecting on 2017 in the land of books, I see that I dabbled in a bit of it all: fiction, memoir, youth fiction, biography, science fiction and non-fiction.  I am not a huge fan of picking ‘favorites,’ but when my co-worker Dani asked the staff at our holiday party what our favorite book of the year was, I pulled my second read of the year out of my hat – Sleeping Giants by Sylvian Neuvel.  Sleeping Giants takes the reader on an unprecedented scientific mission with potential to defend, destroy or save mankind.  The story is delivered in an interview and journal entry style with a whim of mystery.  What is the power of the sleeping giants?  Dig in and find out.

   Building on the recent librarian kick on book series, I’m pleased to inform you that the Sleeping Giants is a series – Themis Files.  I was delighted to discover this!  Series typically aren’t my gig but I can guarantee that I’ll follow through to Neuvel’s Themis Files #2, Waking Gods.  I must also add whilst writing my blog that I learned of Themis Files #3: Only Human to be released 2018.  I think I’m hooked.  

This year’s reading venture came to a close with a tale of immortal creatures that roam the night and have a thirst for blood.  Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice got me in the Halloween mood and entertained me until the beginning of the holidays.  Who knew vampires could have a conscious or moral dilemma about such an existence?  Without much ado, Anne Rice nailed it.

To answer your question, I still have several books on my list to read. I shared the first, favorite and last read of my year.  I add to my list on a frequent basis and plan to keep track year to year.  Yes, I still have a few books on the 2017 list I didn’t get to, but they can carry over to next year.

For your future reference, the library does not keep record of patron past check-outs.  We do not have your list of reads.  So perhaps in 2018, we can all start a book list and watch it grow and grow.

Happy New Year!

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