R ‘n R -Read and Recycle- By The Stereotypical Librarian

Recycling is one way to build a better world which is the theme of our summer reading program.  This week I heard some fun facts about local plastic recycling thanks to R.O.W.L. spokeswoman Rosemary Kent.  She completely explained that all my excuses for not recycling plastic are a result of my misinformation.

  1. I can take my plastic and drop it off any day, not just on Saturday as I believed.
  2. R.O.W.L. provides the clear plastic bags to put the plastic in; I thought I was supposed to buy special bags.
  3. I don’t have to take the paper labels off the plastic, that just makes them sticky so don’t do it.
  4. Please rinse out the milk jugs so they don’t get stinky, but that is the only washing I have to do. R.O.W.L. makes it so easy I’ve run out of excuses. I’m going to recycle all my #1 & #2 plastic how about you?  We can recycle and still have lots of time to read.

Another fun fact I just discovered is one of my favorites Torey L. Hayden is a Montana author.  I was reading her book Twilight Children and she mentioned berry picking during her Montana childhood.  Her stories draw you in and keep you guessing about what might be going on with the children that she is teaching.  Her books are real page turners and you will find them on the Memoir shelf at the library.  Speaking of Montana authors, the new Glacier Park mystery by Christine Carbo The Weight of Night is here.  If you like mysteries or humor you should read the Blue Deer Montana series beginning with The Edge of the Crazies written by Jamie Harrison.  A new historical novel also by Jamie Harrison titled The Widow Nash asks the question: Is it possible to disappear from your old life and create another? Dulcy travels the West reading stories about her presumed death and settles into a small Montana town where she is reborn as Mrs. Nash, a wealthy young widow with no burden of family. But her old life won’t let go so easily, and soon her ex-fiancé is on her trail, threatening the new life she is so eager to create.  We will have to read the book to find the answers and luckily it is too hot to do anything else.

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