Your choice! Charity or Raffle Option. By Kari Denison

Want to help Build a Better World?  This summer’s Reading Program can lend a hand for you to participate on a whole different level.

This year is the first year the Adult Reading Program is offering two options for participation:  Charity or Raffle option.  How does it work?  First, come in to the front desk at the Lewistown Public Library to sign up for the Adult Summer Reading Program.  The Librarian will ask you to choose an option for participation.  The choices are detailed on the backside of the log.  Read your options and choose.

The Charity option involves a drawing for $400.00 donated in your name to a local charity of your choice.  Participants need to complete 30 Summer Reading tasks (activities, events or programs) to be entered into the drawing.  These tasks are detailed on the Summer Reading Log.  The drawing will take place at the end of the Summer Reading Program.

The Raffle option involves a weekly drawing.  Participants can earn a ticket (chance to win) for each completed Summer Reading tasks (activities, events or programs) detailed on the log.  Each week will offer a different basket for the drawing and winners will be announced every Tuesday.  This option allows for one winner per week and participants can only win one time during the program.

Do you wonder what kinds of activities, events or programs are involved with the Summer Reading Program?  Here are a few examples:  volunteer an hour to a local need, read a book from “New books” shelf, attend Hi-Heat Industries Tour, organize a picnic with friends – eat outside, attend The Agile Rascals on July 11, attend the fair or parade, go to a local park and attend brown bag lunch Community Projects.  The tasks correlate with set weeks throughout the eight weeks of the program and folks can sign up at any time during the summer.

How fun is this!  One can participate, take in some reading and get more involved in our community to help Build a Better World.  Fabulous!

Get involved and indulge your love of reading and life-long learning this summer at your Lewistown Public Library.  For more information drop by the front desk, check out our website at or call 538-5212.

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