Ah, sweet mysteries…

Ah, sweet Mysteries … at last I’ve found a reason to read you!

Mystery books are my favorite treat to myself so I save them for last.  This probably explains why I have piles and piles of books at my house just waiting to be read.  Mysteries are my cookies; I’ll get to devourer as soon as I’ve finished reading the books I have to read.  Examples of books I have to read are books that no one else is reading to determine why they are not being read and ones recommended by fellow staff members or patrons.

The Golden Spruce by John Vaillant was recommended by a patron so I have to read it.  This have to read book turns out to be about the timber industry, Native American culture, a beautiful but brutal island, an albino tree plus a missing person.  Wow, one little book packed full of information and mystery.  I had to read it but it tasted like a cookie!  If you are like me one cookie always leads to another and that is how I went off the rails.

Saints of the Shadow Bible by Ian Rankin was the first out of the jar.  It is about Detective Inspector John Rebus who is stationed in Edinburgh Scotland.  Rebus has been demoted and is worried about the end of his career but his early days on the police force keep coming back to haunt him.  You don’t have to read mysteries in any order (in my opinion) just another reason that I love them.

     The Border Lords by T. Jefferson Parker is set in southern California Charlie Hood is a police detective.  When he is dealing with drug dealers, undercover operations, big money etc. then moral dilemmas are an everyday occurrence.  Sometimes the border between right and wrong is not that easy to find.

The Guise of Another by Allen Eskens tells about Alexander Rupert a cop who is investigating the identity of a car accident victim.  Rupert is an award winning police officer but he is also being investigated for perhaps dipping into the cookie jar.  Did he or is he being framed?

Missing is a memoir by Cornelia Maude Spelman and it is her investigation into the mysteries of life.  Who are her parents?  Why did their lives turn out like they did?  Where did her oldest brother go?  She finds mysteries in her family that could be found in most families if anyone looked.

Exercise your mind…. Read is the theme of our summer reading program.  Mystery books are the best exercise (in my opinion) because you have to think about the clues and the moral dilemmas and they are fun to read.  Cookies all summer long for me.  AH!

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