Mt Shakes 4

Don’t forget to join us Thursday night, April 21st, for “MT Shakes!” The educational programming of Montana Shakespeare in the Parks. They will be presenting the kid friendly version of Midsummer Night’s Dream called, All the West’s a Stage; Star-crossed Stagecoach, in our beautiful upstairs meeting room starting at 6 p.m.

Here is a synopsis:
Loveable Johnny Dropbottom, curmudgeonly Augustus Babylon, and spirited Mary Sweetgrace are back for another round of mayhem. Featuring scenes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, All The West’s A Stage depicts what happens when Augustus Babylon and Mary Sweetgrace meet a curious fellow named Johnny Dropbottom, who is accompanied by a strange assortment of “woodland fairies.” Johnny asks Augustus and Mary for help portraying a play of magic and
comedy, and that is exactly what ensues!

Montana Shakes! is accompanied by three sets of three different theatrical workshops (nine in all) making for a fun-filled day for students K-5 that also meets many of Montana’s Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Literacy.

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