Holiday Gifts

The holiday season once again has arrived.
The time of the year in which joy is derived.
But there’s always one thing that can be a real downer.
Coming up with your gift list can make you a frowner.
Now what is the gift you can give that keeps giving
Long after the tree and the holly stop living?
Something that lasts much more that a minute.
The gift of a book and all that is in it!

The Book Station’s the place that has all that you need.
For, the books that you give will spread joy, guaranteed.
So why not come down and see what you may.
There are so many choices to fill up your sleigh.
There are books that will take you through the passage of time.
And volumes of classics and verses that rhyme.
If travel’s your thing you can go anywhere
From the comfort and warmth of your favorite chair.
Books on religion and science and humor.
And books that will make you a wiser consumer.
Science fiction and bios and health and well-being.
Hobbies and art and photos for seeing.

We have romance and westerns and mysteries of course.
And if you’re looking for cookbooks and sports, we’re your source.
There are books about gardening and animals too.
Politics and fiction and Friends’ Faves for you.

The world a child sees in the pages of books.
Is the most precious of gifts, ah those wonderful looks.
In addition to jammies and slippers and toys.
Why not give a great book to all good girls and boys?
Time to hang up the stockings and garlands and lights.
And to get settled in for those long winter nights.
These wishes go out to all of the Friends.
Here’s hoping your season of joy never ends.

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