Happenings 9/1/2014

2014 winners 009
Choke Cherry collectables will be featured Sept 6, 9:00 – 2:00 p.m. at the Book Station.

New Early Literacy Computer Station
Come explore our new early literacy computer station, #B3. This non-internet computer is full of educational programs for children ages 2-8, including “Bailey’s Book House,” “Between the Lions,” “Diego” and “Dora” and many more. Sign in for a 30 minute session at the youth services desk. Headphones may be checked out for this computer or you may use your own. A grant from the Central Montana Foundation made this computer possible.

Library Account Status
Start off the fall season by making sure your library account is up-to-date. Do we have your correct address, phone number or email address? (You can receive overdue notices via email). Are all of your items returned and any fines paid? Not sure? You can check at www.lewistownlibrary.org by clicking on “find book, search catalog”, and log into your account. Not sure of your pin? Call us at 538-5212 and we’ll gladly check for you

After Hours Outside Book Drop
We empty the book drop once a day, just before we open in the morning. To avoid overdue fines, please bring your immediately due items inside during business hours. If you are unable to return an item by its due date, either call and ask to renew or renew it through your online account at www.lewistownlibrary.org. Fines accrue at $.10 per day—easy to pay if caught early, much harder if ignored.

Help us make your tax dollars go farther by keeping our items in circulation. That means returning them on time and paying for them when lost. Every title that we have to replace is one less new title for all to enjoy. Thanks for helping us serve you better.

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