Chili Bowl is Just Around the Corner – by Alissa Wolenetz, Library Director

Join us on January 19, 2024 at 5 PM at the Trade Center for chili and a night of trivia. Tickets are $20 for individuals or $150 for a table of eight and are available to purchase at the Library. Dinner is included. Beer and wine will be available to purchase at the event. There will also be a silent auction benefiting the Lewistown Soccer Club featuring a wonderful ski trip package.

This go-around, you can expect shorter questions and quicker rounds. We’re also swapping out venues. Tim and Nadine Robertson have provided a wonderful space for Chili Bowl for many years, but this year we’re asking them to help us bring another exciting Library event to the community later this spring instead. Stay tuned for more about that coming soon!

Finally, to get you sharpened up for the big event, I’m sharing some of our questions from last time. Answers are below. 


  1. Who co-wrote the bestseller “Run, Rose, Run” with James Patterson? 
  2. True or False: Most stars in the night sky are actually bigger than the sun. 
  3. “Dialogue on the Two Chief World Systems,” written in 1632, was banned the year after its publication and remained on the Catholic Church’s Index of Prohibited books for three centuries. Who was the author?
  4. When did the Golden Eagle Girls Basketball team win their first State Championship? 
  5. What is the name of the real ranch in Darby, MT that in the television show “Yellowstone” is called the Dutton Ranch? 
  6. Which Montana company makes the ice cream flavors “Bobcat Batter” and “Chocolate Runs Through It”? 


  1. Dolly Parton
  2. True
  3. Galileo (or Galileo Galilei) 
  4. 1979
  5. Chief Joseph Ranch
  6. Wilcoxson’s.

If you have any questions about ticket purchases, please stop by or give us a call at 406.538.5212. Good luck!

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