American Heart Month and a New Color for February | Misty Aldrich, Library Assistant

As January fades into the past and February pokes its head out, many people think of Valentine’s Day and finding love, showing their love to their significant other, and giving those they like presents and sweets. February is also American Heart Month. In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared the first American Heart Month to draw awareness to heart disease in the United States. This is a time when all people can focus on their heart health, as high blood pressure is a leading risk factor for heart disease. So, as you are thinking of love, you should also be thinking of your heart and how to keep it healthy so that next Valentine’s Day you will be able to show your love and enjoy this special day.

February 3rd is also Wear Red Day. People wear red to raise awareness about the number one cause of death in Americans today. Make your heart a happy heart this February and check on your health to make this Valentine’s Day a sweet one.

If you have not heard of the Library’s “Color of the Month Challenge”, here is a little information for you. The library picks a specific color, and the patron finds an item with a cover of that color. They receive a special bookmark that they bring back with the item and we will mark the bookmark. When they read five of these books they will get to pick a prize book of that color. This will continue each month through May. Patrons have until June 10 to fill out their bookmarks. Patrons can only get the current month’s bookmark.  You must come in each month to find out the new color. Have a fun time with this winter program. The color for February is pink.

Here are some ideas for pink books:

  • “The Source of Self-Regard” by Toni Morrison (non-fiction)
  • “Love Radio” by Ebony LaDelle (young-adult fiction)
  • “The Wedding Party” by Jasmine Guillory (adult fiction)
  • “Follow the Wind” by Don Coldsmith (Western book-on-CD)
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