Finding the perfect book by Dani Buehler

Currently, I am devouring Elena Ferrante’s first book in her Neapolitan series, “My Brilliant Friend.” I am coming to the Ferrante party late as she has been a popular author for many years with her first novel in the Neapolitan series published in 2012. No excuses, it just took me a while to find. This trilogy has already captured the imaginations and hearts of many and is set to be both a TV miniseries and movie. Described by Entertainment Weekly as, “(A)n intoxicatingly furious portrait of enmeshed friends,” the trilogy is set in Naples and focuses on the friendship, and at times, conflict between the fiery Lila and bookish Elena. “My Brilliant Friend” centers around the girl’s neighborhood in Naples and their journeys through school. Entirely different but compelled to each other, these two girls experience a friendship that is at times cherished and at times caustic. And yet, their story weaves in and out through sixty years of life’s experiences. Ferranta seamlessly composes a tale of honest friendship with beautiful prose…no wonder everyone really enjoyed this book.

So, what I challenge you to today is to find that wonderful list we keep of the books we want to read. Look deep into the recesses of that list to find the one title that you skimmed over to read another exciting new book and take a moment to think of those forgotten titles. Maybe, just maybe, they will be the perfect book for right now. Don’t wait, do today what you have always wanted to do.

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