Heartfelt thank you by Dani Buehler

Library Happenings. We here at the Library use this weekly communication to stay connected with you Central Montana. We like to offer up information about our services or insights into the next great read (aka Reader Advisory in library-land). A random musing about whatever new intrigue is also a definite possibility for this message. And sometimes, we use these weekly communiqués as a space to express gratitude. This week, I humbly submit a heartfelt thank you to a member of our staff who is saying goodbye.

Nancy Watts (or Wattsie to those in the know) is retiring from the Lewistown Public Library after 28 years of dedication and service. Nancy began her library career in Pennsylvania and brought her skill and aptitude to our incredibly lucky community. Throughout her years, Nancy has brought a calm demeanor and gracious smile to anyone who entered our Library. Towards the end of her career, Nancy dedicated her efforts to the preservation of local information and shepherded Central Montana’s history into a standout library collection rivaled by few in the State. Nancy has always advocated the open sharing of knowledge and meticulously gathers treasures for any who ask. She is a true champion of access. Her expertise will be greatly missed but I am happy to say that her generosity is unending. Going forward, Nancy is volunteering her time to the digitization and development of the Central Montana collection housed within the Montana Memory Project. This is a statewide database found at www.mtmemory.org. Generously, Nancy is also is offering guidance to the LPL staff with genealogical questions and local history inquiries as we have relied heavily upon Nancy’s talents for many years.

The stories of Wattsie in the Library are many and the few lines here are but a tip of the iceberg. I am saddened that her retirement will not come with great fanfare but in true librarian style Nancy is content to quietly create space for those that will strive to follow in her extraordinary wake. Nancy you are a treasure and the dedication you have given us all in Central Montana will be appreciated by generations to come.

Thank You.

Front row: Kari Denison-Public Services Librarian, Retiree Nancy Watts-Local History Librarian, Misty Aldrich-Library Assistant, Nancy Sackett-Fiction & Outreach Librarian
Back row: Brittney Uecker-Youth Services Librarian, Dani Buehler-Director.

Photo credit: Charlie Denison

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