Library Book Club goes X-country skiing by Dani Buehler

Swish, swish, swish…the sound of your x-country skis gliding along freshly fallen snow. Now that sounds like book club doesn’t it! It will be if you choose to attend the Lewistown Public Library’s Walking Book Club on January 7th. We are excited to offer this one-of-a-kind Book Club experience. From novice to expert, all x-country skiing levels are welcome. And if you are thinking, gosh this sounds like so much fun, but I just don’t have any skis. Well count your blessings because your local Civic Center rents x-country skis! Book clubs are a great way to read and discuss books, get to know your neighbor, and now, a great way to get moving. Come and enjoy!

When: January 7th at Noon

Where: The Elks Country Club

What are we going to read: “A Walk In the Woods” by Bill Bryson

(10 copies are available at the Library to check out)

The Plan: We will meet at the Elks Country Club parking lot at 12:00pm and set out for our skiing adventure. We will ski and chat if the weather is conducive and that is what we want to do. If we want to chat about the book after our session of skiing, we will warm up with coffee or hot chocolate at the Elks while ruminating upon Bryson’s words.

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