Howdy by the Stereotypical Librarian

There is something about a county fair, a rodeo or maybe cowboy poetry that will bring out the cowboy or cowgirl in us all.  So, meanwhile back at the ranch (library) we have been rounding up all those strays.  No, not doggies I mean books that no one seems to be reading anymore.  The hired hands round ‘em up and then we cut them out and brand them DISCARD.  It might seem cruel but it is the cowgirl way to deal with books people aren’t reading.  Perhaps you might find them over in the Book Station at the Friends of the Library’s monthly sale and give them one more read.

Down here in the back forty (some call it the fiction area) we have a holding pen for the strays to give them another chance to stay with the herd.  The Last chance corral is full of “good” books just waiting for you to check them out and read at your bunkhouse.  Tell us about them when you bring them back, are they worth keeping, interesting to read?  If you say nothing about the books you read they could still end up in the last roundup.  Here are some of the books I’ve read that I’m still on the fence about.

“If I fall, If I Die” written by Michael Christie asks many deep questions about life.  “It’s not a prison if you’ve built it yourself… It’s a fortress.”  Will is a young boy who has been over protected by his agoraphobic mother but also forced to be the adult in this mother and son world because of her problems.  He has never been outside but has decided that he wants to venture out and see for himself the dangers or pleasures.  Will takes up skateboarding.  The book is so well written and there is some mystery about why their world got so small and safe.  I think this one would make a good discussion book.   I kind of want to live in that closed safe fortress that Will and his mother built.  It is an interesting story.

“Leaving Lucy Pear” written by Anna Solomon is a book set in the Gloucester Massachusetts area during the 1920s.  It examines the class system and society norms of the time.  The story hinges on two strong women, Bea and Emma, one rich, one poor, both flawed who have influenced each other and the young girl Lucy Pear.  You may not like the characters in this story and the situation they find themselves in may seem farfetched but isn’t that how real life is?  I liked the writing and think it would make for a lively discussion.

“Skin” written by Ted Dekker has a great set up for a story as we meet the main characters as a freak storm approaches and a pickup truck runs into a car stranding people in the middle of the Nevada desert and the excitement builds as a serial killer is also on the loose.  It is a thriller but you also need to suspend logic a bit as the characters make some poor choices, in my opinion.  It is a great escape read but will anyone survive?

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