Librarian Connect by Kari Denison

Librarian Connect is a fabulous service offered through the Lewistown Public Library.  What is Librarian Connect? Glad you ask.  Let’s dig into the details.

Librarian Connect is a personalized online reading advisory which makes selecting appropriate reading material more leisure and fun. Connecting to a Librarian allows a patron to request book recommendations from the Librarian of choice. 

Go to the Library website at to connect.  Click under the staff tab and access the Librarian Connect.  The website will direct you to the staff page, which displays the Librarians’ focus and interests.  At this point, the viewer can choose a Librarian to connect with via email.  This is where the conversation and advisory begins. Follow the prompts and provide information to contact and/or go further and explore blog posts.

Our Librarians write blog posts on a regular basis.  These blogs, which are also published in the Lewistown News Argus, can be accessed on Librarian Connect.  This is an extra nice feature as the archived blog posts offer Librarian tales, book reviews, adventures and histories of Central Montana.

What are you waiting for?  Get connected with a Librarian today.

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