Literary Challenge by Kari Denison

It all started in late July.  My friend and former boss posed to me a challenge. It was a literary challenge from KellyAnne. Very apropos.  A challenge I was willing to take.

The challenge came to me via Facebook.  I typically am not a fan of chain posts or challenges on Facebook, but I felt this experience could broaden my literary awareness and open others to new authors and stories.

The July 30 challenge read as thus:

“Day 1 of 7
The challenge: Each day, post the cover of a book you love and nominate someone new to start the challenge. No explanation needed, no discussion necessary, just post the cover and spread some literary love

I was challenged by Mary Stover and for the 1st day I challenge Kari Denison because she loves to read!”  KellyAnne Terry.

August 8:  It took me over a week to get around to start my challenge.  I decided to challenge the most avid reader I know: my mother.  On this post I chose to share a book I read last spring (patron inspired) titled “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood.  This tale is an intense and powerful tale of woman and the loss of rights in absolute rule.  Heart breaking.  It is now a Hulu series, which I for one can only watch in small doses.

August 16:  Several days later I finally got around to another challenge.  As you can see, the challenge is meant to be a daily happening. At this point I realized the daily challenge wouldn’t happen for me so I changed that up a bit to every other week (or basically when I get around to it).

My second challenger was my husband and I shared with him a book title we read together last winter – “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury.  This story gave us a new connection and discourse in our partnership. Charlie was a perfect candidate for the challenge as he’s an active reader, writer and can complete this type of challenge on time.  In fact, he completed his entire challenge the same day I posted Day 3.  Cheers to Charlie!

September 3:  The third challenge came weeks later to my dear sister – “Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health” by B.K.S. Iyengar.  In my world, this is the Bible of yoga books and was a perfect share for my sister, as she’s beginning her yoga journey.

This literary challenge has been a good experience.  It’s made me think of my all-time favorite reads and try to determine seven individuals I think will participate in the experience which is also difficult, as the challenge is not for everyone (Deb Hill).

My current read was inspired by the challenge so I feel it’s been worthwhile.  I picked up a new author and am very much enjoying the story.  This title was shared by my first challenger/my mother as a favorite read and her book club in Billings just finished reading it: “The Great Alone” by Kristin Hannah.  This story of Leni and her family’s move to create a new life of happiness in Alaska embraces a lot of life’s challenges in the beautiful vastness of an unforgiving landscape.

When you get the chance, what seven books will you share with others to read?

I challenge you, as well.  Happy reading folks!

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