Are You A Dreamer? by Kari Denison

Dreams are all around us.  Day or night.  A goal or term of excellence.  Realistic or out of this world.  What do dreams mean?  Where do they come from?  Can dreams come true?

“A dream is a small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens up to that primeval cosmic night that was the soul, long before there was a conscious ego”.  Carl Jung.

Some dream to aspire and excel in a profession, craft or art.  Others may dream of far off lands or sandy beaches. Sometimes we dream during our sleep and recall fragments of a story or we may retain a clear visual of what happened in dreamland.  I’m here to tell you, dreams can come true.

Coming home to that box on the steps was a night to remember.  This was a first.  A first in my lifetime and a first for my husband.  A dream come true.  We opened the box with pure excitement.  What did the cover look like?  Where was his story placed within?  What are the other contributors like?

This story actually started about three years ago.  Charlie came across an opportunity to submit a short story for a book. Like hundreds of other aspiring writers, Charlie jumped on it.  The story came to him with ease and he submitted. Weeks went by, then months.  Years.  At this point, Charlie had come to terms that his story wasn’t chosen for the book. Then, out of the blue, that email came:  the one that announces your entry was chosen among thousands of entries and would be published in the book. This was a happy day in our house.

The long-anticipated box contained Chicken Soup for The Soul: Dreams and the Unexplainable, featuring 101 eye-opening stories about premonitions and miracles.  This newest Chicken Soup for the Soul is Charlie’s book debut.  And yes, it can be found on the ‘New Non Fiction’ book shelf at the library.  Check it out!  I highly recommend it.

Being published in a book is an incredible accomplishment.  An accomplishment that was visualized as a dream, is about a dream and is a dream come true.

Follow your dreams.

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