Midwinter Cheer Up by The Stereotypical Librarian


Suffering from a vitamin D deficiency? Are you feeling kind of grumpy? Well put some pep in your step and a smile on your face with this midwinter cheer up therapy I’m suggesting.
Remember the old saying “No news is good news.” Let’s try that for a month (February is a short month) so don’t listen to the nightly news, stop reading the current events, step away from your computer and devices. I know you don’t want to be an ostrich but staying away from all news sources for just a month will so improve your overall peace of mind and blood pressure that you will be glad you gave yourself a break.
What to do instead of news? Well reading good books of course and watching old movies, you know the kind with happy endings while snacking on sardines and sitting in the sunshine. Here is a list of my feel better books and movies.
Little Heathens: hard times and high spirits on an Iowa farm during the great depression written by Mildred Armstrong Kalish a book set during a time when the entire country was depressed might not sound like an uplifting book but it is. It gave me hope to read about a difficult time in the USA’s history and showed a perfect example of how as an individual we get through such tough times. Does anyone do May baskets anymore?
The Princess Diarist and Wishful Drinking two books by Carrie Fisher that very humorously tell about Hollywood and her life as a Hollywood Princess, so here you have an entertainer being entertaining. That doesn’t happen every day!
Black Diamond by Martin Walker is a mystery of the French countryside. Think Andy Taylor sheriff of Mayberry only put him in France and he is Bruno chief of police of St.Denis. There is a rugby game that is laugh out loud funny and by the way a Black Diamond is a truffle. Not the chocolate kind but the kind you dig up.
Singin’ in The Rain since you are reading Carrie Fisher tell about her mom you should watch her dance and sing.
Take the Lead a movie showing how taking a positive action can change things.
Goon everyone has something they are really good at and they should embrace it. If you like hockey and or fighting you will enjoy this one.

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