Bon Appetite by Dani Buehler, Youth Services Librarian

Bon Appetite by Dani Buehler, Youth Services Librarianblack-suit
Have you tasted a book lately? Or does the thought of this make you cringe and think GROSS? Well here at the library we thought it would be fun to have our own little November feast. Therefore, this past month our youth classes had the opportunity to digest a Book Tasting. For all of you that may still be equating this with xylophagia (the consumption of paper), don’t worry, it was purely a feast for the eyes. A menu was prepared for each student. The menu itself outlined three specific and unique tasks for each course of a three course meal, consisting of an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Our young participants had the opportunity to read portions of multiple books, judge their covers, define book genres, and more. Each of these tasks was designed to equip the kids with skills that they could, in turn, use, to help them choose items of interest. We sought to empower our young patrons with ability to choose materials for themselves instead of relying on book suggestions of others.
Thankfully, the kids and teachers enjoyed the activity and graciously followed along as a certain youth librarian had far too much fun letting her imagination run wild. Well isn’t that the Librarians jobs, to suggest books? Of course, and we do love to suggest books and have books suggested to us. But seeing someone find their next favorite book all on their own is a magical moment to behold.
In case you were looking for that next favorite book, we have a couple new books that you may want to give a whirl. Come and take a look and taste a few books today.

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