Tlingit Button Blanket on Display

button blanketThe blanket, loaned to the Library for display by Marla Phillips, was created in 1989 by Marla’s 4th grade class. It features 1200 buttons that were sewn on by hand by her 10 year old students.

The eyes of the Raven are made from abalone. It also features 2 kinds of seed beads. All are sewn onto the blanket with a needle no thicker than a human hair. The fabric is wool and it took 9 months to complete.

The Raven is significant as it represents one of the clans into which Tlingit society is divided, as well as a powerful mythic creature/trickster figure.

Tlingit are a matriarchal society. The blanket has two fabric ties that make it possible to wear as a garment.

The blanket and more information on the region will be on display until September 1st.

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