Creative Expressions

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou

Everyone has a little creativity in them. As humans I believe we all possess a spark, or maybe even a fire, of creativity within us. People use their own creativity in multitudes of ways, whether it is problem solving or making art or playing music. I do not think I am a full blown artist, but I know that I do have that creative fire that sometimes motivates me to make something new, something colorful, something memorable. For the past several years, I have dabbled in mixed media, and the result has been numerous canvases, cards and most recently, art journals.

Art journaling has become a craze in the creative world, mostly because there is absolutely no right or wrong way to do it. It is merely an expression of the self, and can be used almost like a diary to capture a favorite phrase, remember something important, or simply express how you are feeling at a particular time. I like to art journal when I travel to different places so that I can remember that particular time in my life. I also love to pick up postcards as I travel and use them in the artwork I create. I pick up inspiration from color and nature, and I also use poetry and vintage images to prompt me in a specific direction. As a librarian, I am very drawn to the written word, and being able to use old books, maps, and other ephemera that I collect for art journaling is very meaningful.

I wouldn’t say I work in a particular medium, hence the phrase “mixed media” but most of my work does include some form of paint and paper. Most of the time I am working off of a little idea, and really don’t know where it will lead. This, I believe, is the best part, for each piece is its own story that began from something small.

For inspiration on the art of mixed media, and to check out some techniques and innovations, please see the below reading list and check out our craft section at the library as well.

1. Collage, Paint, Draw: Explore Mixed Media Techniques & Materials by Sue Pelletier
2. Abstract Art Painting: Expression in Mixed Media by Debora Stewart
3. The Complete Decorated Journal: Journaling Techniques by Gwen Diehn
4. Explore Mixed Media Collage: Innovative Layering Techniques by Kristen Robinson and Ruth Rae
5. The Art of Mistakes by Melanie Rothschild


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