Tolerate FRIENDS

Taking my foot out of my mouth to write this blog, who knew being a Ross Geller hater isn’t a universally accepted opinion. He’s their favorite “Friend”! Really?! Perhaps I am too quick to judge. My opinions are not everyone’s. We all see things differently and that is a REALLY good thing!

Do you have to “LIKE” the main character in a story to read the book?? If you only read books that you agree with or that have characters you can relate to then you are missing an opportunity to practice tolerance. Tolerance, as defined by Robert Green Ingersoll is giving to every other human being every right that you claim for yourself. Reading gives you the chance to tolerate the dark side of human nature without anyone getting hurt.

My list consists of books with characters I find to be annoying for a wide variety of reasons but in stories I couldn’t quit reading. Also included is the entire television show Friends on DVD that a thoughtful, lovely person donated to the library.

P.S. Don’t be a “hater”, practice tolerance! By the way, Chandler Bing steals the show, could he BE any funnier?

Friends on DVD – season 1-10
Small Crimes – Dave Zeltserman
Resurrection Men – Ian Rankin
North of Montana – April Smith
White Shotgun – April Smith
By Starlight – Dorothy Garlock
The Magdalen Martyrs – Ken Bruen
The House on Tradd Street – Karen White
Darkly Dreaming Dexter – Jeffry P. Lindsay
The Triumph of Katie Byrne – Barbara Taylor Bradford
Left Behind series – Tim LaHaye

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