A Wealth of History to be Found at the Library

Montana Memory Project Collections

The Lewistown Public Library, Lewistown, Montana has two collections of our local history on the Montana Memory Project: Central Montana Historical Photographs and Central Montana Historical Documents (which includes both documents and books).

There are two ways to access these collections:

  1. Go to the web page for the Lewistown Public Library: www.lewistownlibrary.org and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will find the two collections of our local history. Central Montana Historical Photographs and Central Montana Historical Documents. Just click one of the collections and it will take you directly to the collection on the Montana Memory Project.
  1. From your internet search engine type either: “Central Montana Historical Photographs” or “Central Montana Historical Documents.” The first search result should be the link to this portion of the Montana Memory Project.


Central Montana History in Local Newspapers

  1. Go to Chroniclingamerica.org
  2. Select the Advanced Search and go to select newspaper.
  3. Scroll down and choose one of our local newspapers:

Mineral Argus 1883-1886
Fergus County Argus 1886-1904

  1. On the right side select the year or date range
  2. Use your keywords in the lower search boxes and click search on the bottom right.
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