Board Minutes 6/12/14

Lewistown Public Library’s Mission Statement:

“The Lewistown Public Library provides free and equal access to quality materials and services, which fulfill the educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of the entire community.”

2:05 PM    Call to order — roll call – Regular meeting of the Library Board of Trustees was called to order by Tom Wojtowick, Chairperson.  Members present: Tom Wojtowick, Mary Frieze, Cathy Moser, Blanche Chapman, and Commissioner Patty Turk; Director: KellyAnne Terry. Recorder of Minutes: Joyce Swanz. Excused: Marie Anderson, Ex-Officio

Reading of the Mission Statement:  Mary Frieze

Revisions to the Agenda

  • None

Comments for the Good of the Library:

  • None

Disposition of Minutes:

  • Blanche moved to accept the May 8, 2014 regular Board meeting minutes and Cathy seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Financial Reports: 

  • Blanche moved to accept the Claims paid for May, Mary seconded and the motion passed.
  • KellyAnne explained several line items in current budget and some changes she would like to make in certain line items, particularly the training budget and computer supplies.
  • Library Depreciation Fund – some money was removed in 2014 for the Furnace, reflected in report
  • Library Trust Fund – Nikki is making some adjustments to the water and gas line items, not reflected in the report yet
  • CMF interest funds will be removed – $9000

Director’s Report: 

  • Director’s Report accepted as presented and the report is attached.
  • KellyAnne and Nancy Bostrom have been trained on the website, and there have been lots of good comments about it. Nancy B. will be doing most of the content management on the website.
  • Literary Landscapes is on Friday, June 13 from 9-11 a.m. in the Upstairs Meeting Room
  • Summer Reading Program – 278 kids and 134 adults signed up as of first week
  • August 21, 2014 – Suffragette panels from Montana Historical Society on display – Reception and Pie Social
  • Statistical Reports – KellyAnne highlighted the donations given specifically for the Summer Reading Program, also there have been a large amount of visits to the new website


Friends of the Library:

  • June book sale made $571.00
  • Lots of books have been donated this summer so far.
  • KellyAnne will continue to work on finding the right painter for the book station – talk to City of Lewistown
  • FOL meetings have been changed to the first Thursday in the month at 10:00 a.m. with book sorting following.
  • The July book sale will be held on the 4th of July to be in conjunction with the Parade.Commissioner’s Report:
  • Alyssa Berry resigned as a City Commissioner due to a new work commitment
  • Park Maintenance contract awarded to same vendor
  • Working on an ordinance on shipping containers – usage and where they can be located
  • Bulk water contract being determined
  • Police Department Bargaining Unit passed
  • Kevin Myhre had his semi-annual review

Discussion with the Public

  • None

Continuing Business: 

  • Author Dinner – Made $4200 with the addition of $1300 from the Silent Auction. With sponsors KellyAnne figured the entire fundraiser made $5200. 117 people were in attendance.
    • Summer Reading Program Breakdown – Ages 0-4 (Fizz Kids), Ages 5-11 (Fizz, Boom, Read), Ages 12-18 (Spark a Reaction), Ages 18 and older (Literary Elements). KellyAnne reviewed how the program is set up and showed the materials the groups use to log their reading time and their events.

  • Upstairs Windows – Edgewood rep from Marvin Windows came and measured windows in order to do a bid on the actual materials. Need to find an installer – KellyAnne will continue to work on this and will supply the installer with the specs from Marvin Windows (they specialize in historic windows).


Upcoming Events:

  • Literary Landscapes – Friday, June 13th – 9-11 a.m. – Montana Historic Preservation Roadshow- KellyAnne will present on Mary Clearman Blew’s All But the Waltz and Andrew Garcia’s Tough Trip through Paradise.
  • August 21, 2014 – Suffragette Panel Display and Pie Social

New Business:

  • Budget
    • KellyAnne gave a preliminary overview on all three Library accounts. Discussion ensued.
    • Blanche asked if Dave Sather could be contacted to go over budget items – she made a motion, Patty seconded and the motion carried
  • Election of Officers -Vote moved to July 10 regular Board Meeting


4:15 PM Meeting adjourned.NEXT REGULAR BOARD MEETING: Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. in the Upstairs Meeting Room.

Respectively Submitted: KellyAnne Terry, Director


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