Minutes 5/8/14

Lewistown Public Library’s Mission Statement:

“The Lewistown Public Library provides free and equal access to quality materials and services, which fulfill the educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of the entire community.”

2:15 PM    Call to order — roll call – Regular meeting of the Library Board of Trustees was called to order by Mary Frieze, Vice Chairperson.  Members present: Mary Frieze, Cathy Moser, Blanche Chapman, and Marie Anderson, Ex-Officio; Director: KellyAnne Terry. Recorder of Minutes: Joyce Swanz. Excused: Tom Wojtowick and Commissioner Patty Turk

Reading of the Mission Statement:  Marie Anderson

Revisions to the Agenda:

  • None

Comments for the Good of the Library:

  • Mary commented favorably on KellyAnne’s presentation at MLA
  • The Library received the Excellent Library Service Award at MLA for the 2nd year

Disposition of Minutes:

  • Blanche moved to accept the April 17, 2014 regular Board meeting minutes and Cathy seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Financial Reports:

  • Blanche moved to accept the Claims paid for December, Mary seconded and the motion passed.
  • Currently at 71% of budget
    • Calvert Hotel has paid for three years of sign rental. We still need a written agreement between the Calvert and the Library for the future.
        • A new cleaning/maintenance person has been hired for the City of Lewistown
            • CMF interest funds are accruing – will be removed in June.

Director’s Report:

Director’s Report accepted as presented and the report is attached.

            • The website is complete and will go live on Saturday, May 10.
            • Montana Shared Catalog meeting in Helena showed that the cost formula is up by $650 for LPL – this will need to be budgeted in for 2014-2015.
            • Historic Resources Commission: Excellence in Preservation Awards to be held May19, 2014 at the Yogo Inn
            • Silent Auction for Author Dinner due to KellyAnne by first of the week – KellyAnne will be turning in food options on Friday
            • Staff (KellyAnne, Nancy Sackett, Dan Bell, and Nancy Watts) bought their own tickets to the Author Dinner
            • Computers will be relocated to provide more laptop space downstairs and to remove a problem computer.
            • Building Maintenance – the boiler is acting up due to a problem with the gas regulator. System is currently shut off and then will be reassessed.
            • KellyAnne received the energy audit for the Library building.



Friends of the Library:

  • Marie encouraged KellyAnne to keep moving forward with the window project.
  • Dryn Durley approached the Friends about planting apple trees as a project. The Friends decided not to pursue the project.
  • Officers were elected at the last meeting and remain the same – Marie Anderson (President); Donna Philip (Vice President); Joyce Swanz (Secretary); Tony Gies (Treasurer).
  • May Book Sale brought in $692.00

Discussion with the Public

  • None

Continuing Business:

    • Montana Shared Catalog – increase in services and platform will change at the end of the summer
    • Montana Shakes – great turnout and KellyAnne asked to be put on their list for next year as well
  • Summer Reading Program Breakdown – Ages 0-4 (Fizz Kids), Ages 5-11 (Fizz, Boom, Read), Ages 12-18 (Spark a Reaction), Ages 18 and older (Literary Elements)
  • Upcoming Events:
  • Author Dinner – 12:30 p.m. for set-up at the Elks, Nancy Weaver will handle silent auction money after event
  • Registration for Summer Reading Program begins week of June 3, Participation begins June 10
  • Literary Landscapes – Friday, June 13th – Montana Historic Preservation Roadshow-KellyAnne will present on Mary Clearman Blew’s All But the Waltz and Andrew Garcia’s Tough Trip through Paradise.

New Business:

  • Budget Work Meeting set for May 22, 2014 at the Library at 3:00 p.m.Trustee Minute:
  • Mary reported on her experiences at MLA and shared a list of websites – she also talked about writing on the web and the need for clarity and readable font3:25 PM Meeting adjourned.

NEXT REGULAR BOARD MEETING:  Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. in the Upstairs Meeting Room

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