Library Policies: Management Policies

MNG 1 – Confidentiality
MNG 2 – Copyright
MNG 3 – Donations
MNG 4 – Meeting Room Use
MNG 5 – Exhibits and Displays
MNG 6 – Photo and Video

MNG 1 – Confidentiality of Library Records
Recognizing the Library’s position of special trust with its patrons, and to ensure that information regarding patrons and their use of the Library resources and services remains confidential, the Library adheres to all personal privacy provisions of the Constitution of Montana, the Montana Library Records Confidentiality Act (MCA 22-1-1101 through 22-1-1111), and the American Library Association’s Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records.

Incompliance with the constitutional, legal, and policy requirements cited above, the Library will:

  1. Release information regarding overdue items and fines owed by a patron to any individual who requested it who may be able to assist the Library in recovery of the materials, e.g. the patron, a member of the patron’s family or household, a collection agency or law enforcement official.
  2. Release information regarding items currently checked out to a patron pursuant to the completion of a written authorization.
  3. Release any other personal identifiable information regarding patrons and/or their use of Library resources or services only by written directive of the Library Director, who shall issue such a directive only upon the advice of the City Attorney, or following receipt of a legal court order, subpoena, or similar legal directive.

MNG 2 – Copyright
It is the intent of the Board of Trustees and Staff of the Lewistown Public Library to adhere to the provisions of the current copyright laws and Congressional guidelines.

The Board and Staff recognize that unlawful copying and use of copyrighted materials contributes to higher costs for materials, lessens the incentive development of new materials, and fosters an attitude of disrespect for law which is inconsistent with the goals of the Library.

The Board directs that Library staff adhere to all provisions of Title 17 of the United States Code and other relevant federal legislation and guidelines related to the duplication, retention, and use of copyrighted materials.

Employees who make and/or use copies of copyrighted materials in their jobs are expected to be familiar with published provisions regarding fair use and public display, and are further expected to be able to provide their supervisor, upon request, the justification under Section 107 and 110 of the USC 17 for copies that have been made or used.

Though there continues to be controversy regarding interpretation of the copyright laws, this policy represents a sincere effort to operate legally. All library employees will be provided with copies of the policy and accompanying guidelines.

MNG 3 – Donations
The Lewistown Public Library gladly accepts gifts that are practical, appropriate, and comply with both the Library’s collection development policies as well as the Library’s mission statement. All donations will be accepted with the understanding that the donor will release any and all claim or claims to the said item(s) and understand the item(s) may be displayed, stored, altered, preserved, loaned, sold, or disposed of at the discretion of the Library Director or Staff. The same criteria must be used for accepting gifts as for the purchasing of items. Library staff will give donors a receipt if requested but will make no monetary appraisals of donated items. Monetary donations are gratefully accepted.

Donors will be asked to complete the Deed of Gift form when donating items of significant value.

MNG 4 – Meeting Room Use

The Lewistown Public Library is a community gathering place for the sharing of ideas and information, of an educational, cultural or civic nature. The meeting room is available for library and general public use.

The Library supports the right to assemble and the free discussion of ideas. Use of meeting space does not imply endorsement or support by the Library for a group’s activities or beliefs. The Director or the Lewistown Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to approve or disapprove the use of the meeting space.

The Lewistown Public Library retains the first priority for use of the meeting room. The meeting room may be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis by making a reservation and completing the Meeting Room Use Application for each meeting. A projector, laptop, and screen are available for use and can be reserved.

Meetings are permitted on the days the Library is open to the public; Tuesday – Saturday, excluding federal holidays and closures.

Meetings may go beyond the Library’s closing time if the meeting representatives arrive at the Library prior to closing. Special arrangements may be made at the Director’s discretion.

The Lewistown Public Library meeting room is a tobacco-free and alcohol-free space. If you wish to have an event that offers alcoholic beverages, you must purchase special events liability coverage from an established insurance company. This coverage would need to list the City as an additional insured entity.

The group then needs to provide the Library with a copy of the certificate showing they are covered for the specific day and that the City is listed as additional insured. Insurance coverage costs vary depending on attendance and type of event.

A group representative is responsible to complete, submit, and receive approval from Library staff for each meeting room use request. Approval is required at a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the reservation. Groups are required to check in at the front desk and receive the Meeting Room Checklist from staff. Upon check in, a new Meeting Room Use Application can be completed for the next desired reservation. The Library check list must be completed. As a courtesy, groups need to contact the Library if a reservation is cancelled.

The group is responsible to follow procedures to reserve the space, read the Meeting Room Policy and sign to acknowledge on the Meeting Room Use Application that the terms are understood.

Community Use
Groups may charge a reasonable fee to cover the cost of materials, handouts, craft making supplies, refreshments, etc. Groups may not charge admission or use the space for profit. Any publicity distributed by the individual or group must include a brief statement of sponsorship to clarify who is responsible for the meeting. For example, “This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Lewistown Public Library.”

The group representative will ensure the room is left as it was found. The Lewistown Public Library will not be held liable for any damage, loss or bodily injury occurring to persons or property affiliated with the scheduled meeting; nor is the Library responsible for loss of items left on the premises. Please refer to the Meeting Room Checklist for proper procedures to close the room.

The room’s legal capacity is 62 persons.

Library Use
Library sponsored programs and Library use of the meeting room has scheduling priority.

“Library sponsorship of a program does not constitute an endorsement of the content of the program or the views expressed by the participants, any more than the purchase of materials for the library collection constitutes an endorsement of the contents of the material or the views of its creator. Library staff select topics, speakers and resource materials for library-initiated programs based on interest and information needs of the community. Topics, speakers, and resource materials are not excluded from library-initiated programs because of possible controversy. Concerns, questions, or complaints about library-initiated programs are handled according to the same written policy and procedures which govern reconsiderations of other library resources.” Library-Initiated Programs as a Resource: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights (American Library Association).

*Adopted by the Lewistown Public Library Board of Trustees, December 2017.

MNG 5 – Exhibits and Displays
The Library maintains limited exhibit space to be used to promote Library resources, services, and programs; as well as, programs of the Friends of the Library. The Library may also participate in cooperative programs or exhibits with other agencies, organizations, institutions or individuals to cosponsor exhibits and displays that are consistent with the purposes described above. Displaying of exhibits does not constitute an endorsement of the material or viewpoint(s) showcased in an exhibit.

MNG 6 – Photo and Video
The Lewistown Public Library reserves the right to photograph, video record, or livestream programs and participants at any of our sponsored activities. Please be aware that these photographs are for promotional purposes and may be used in future publications, on our website, and on our social media outlets. If you do not wish to be photographed, please inform staff and we will make reasonable efforts to honor your request. If you see staff taking pictures, and you do not wish to be photographed, please let us know immediately. No individual identification will be used unless the Library has permission in writing on the Photo and Video Release form.

No permission is needed to take photos of crowds during LPL events.

When photographing one adult or a small group (3 or less), staff will get verbal consent. Written consent will only be required if the person’s name is to be published.

When photographing one child or small group of children (3 or less), staff will get guardian verbal consent prior to taking the photo. The guardian will be notified the picture may be used in the future library publications, on the library website, or social media outlets. In order to publish the child’s name in conjunction with the photo, written consent must be obtained.

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