Library Policies: Group Services

GSV 1 – Programs in the Library

GSV 1 – Programs in the Library
The Lewistown Public Library sponsors programs that are informational, educational, cultural, and recreational and are designed to appeal to community audiences with a broad range of ages, viewpoints, and interests. Programs will promote Library resources and services and support its mission and strategic plan.

The Library may partner with other community agencies, organizations, educational, and cultural institutions, or individuals to develop and present programs. Professional performers and presenters may be hired for Library programs. No program topics, speakers, resources will be excluded because of possible controversy. Programs may be held at the Library or offsite.

Library sponsorship of a program does not constitute an endorsement of the content of the program or the views expressed by participants. Organizational or business affiliation of presenters may be used by the Library to promote programs; this does not constitute endorsement, merely acknowledgement.

Anyone wishing to express a concern about the content or presentation of a program sponsored by the Library must complete a Statement of Concern Form available at the front desk.

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