Misty Aldrich

I grew up in a one-horse town called Rupert, Idaho. I have lived in Lewistown with my husband and two
boys for 18 years. I have always been drawn to libraries and all the different books. I participated in the Book It  club from Pizza Hut growing up. I loved this program and the awards it gave out to get kids excited about reading. I love reading books because it lets you go to different worlds through the pages of your favorite book. I could go hours on end when I was younger reading Curious George, Berenstein Bears and many more. Now I like Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele and Stephen King. I love a good fiction that takes me to a world of wonder and takes my cares away. The next time you want to take a little getaway, turn to the different worlds from the pages of a good book.

Ask Misty What to Read


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