KellyAnne Terry

I grew up on a horse and cattle ranch in the Bears Paw Mountains of Montana. I have lived in Lewistown with my husband and two children for the past eight years, and have been the Director at the Library for five.

I have a wide diversity of reading interests, but really lean towards anything nature inspired or a good gothic mystery. I love to travel and enjoy reading historic interpretations of adventure and exploration throughout the world, specifically the Arctic. I like to be outdoors and my family enjoys camping, fishing, riding horses and walking the trails. I also enjoy crafting and work in mixed media and paper crafts. A winter afternoon could be easily spent reading Virginia Woolf or watching the latest PBS production – Downton Abbey or Call the Midwife anyone? And how about a cup of tea?

Reading Lists

Love Stories

Cracking the Case

Creative Expressions

Anne with an “E”

Quirky–Who Writes This Stuff Anyway?

Poetry Anyone?

Memorable Memoirs

Domestic Noir

Fall 2014

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