Summer Reading!

June 16, 2020 – July 25, 2020 all-day

Imagine Your Story!

This summer we are offering 6 weekly activities to help you nurture your story. These activities can be done as a family (families of all types included) or done as an individual. We are encouraging you to interact with your community and family in a way that will capture the story of this time and shed light on your journey these days. To accompany our weekly activities, we will challenge you to meet a weekly reading goal. This goal can be accomplished by either the family or the individual. The goal will increase each week and is meant to be challenging and fun. To help you meet the reading goal we have included Reading Bingo sheets and a list of suggested titles for all ages. Be an essential part of our reading community!

Lastly, we will not be offering prizes this summer. Instead we want to share your stories and offer up bragging rights. Send us pictures of you accomplishing activities, reading stories, writing stories, and living out stories. We hope to share your stories on our website & social media outlets, local newspaper & radio, and around our library. Help us promote the Library’s story through the sharing of your story. If you are not comfortable with sharing your accomplishments, we want you to know that we see you and are incredibly proud of the activities you complete.

The Summer Reading Program concludes Saturday, July 24.  Send photos and bragging rights to and we will share your story via social media, the newspaper or our website.

Thanks for joining us this summer at the LPL. Help us make it one for the books!

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