In the Stacks #9 Tails and Tales

May 5, 2021 all-day
The LPL is ecstatic to be able to a host our Summer Reading Program for 2021 – Tails and Tales, focusing on animals and the stories about them. To get us into this theme, today’s episode of In the Stacks is about the animals of Central Montana and the people that get to work with them. We interviewed several individuals from various walks of life about what influenced them to pursue a career working with animals, what makes Central Montana a unique ecosystem in which to encounter wildlife, and their funniest, wildest animal experiences – their tales about tails. Stay tuned to the end of the episode to hear details about this year’s Summer Reading Program.

Thank you to guests Mariah Shammel, Matt Comer, Katy Beady, Whitney Brady, and Andy Oestreich. For more information about their work, visit:

Montana RancHERSAmerican Prairie Reserve Wild Sky ProgramLewistown Veterinary ServiceBLM Lewistown Field Office

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