In the Stacks #18: There’s a Poem in This Place

May 4, 2022 all-day
Happy National Poetry Month! In this episode, Alissa and Brittney share and discuss some of their favorite poems and poets. Simple as that. The poems discussed in this episode include:

Who Let the Hogs Out!” by Aileen Keown Vaux

One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop

Female Author” by Sylvia Plath

Mossbawn Sunlight” by Seamus Heaney

Taking a Break Outside the Trailways Bus from Grandma’s” by Devin Kelly

Filling Station” by Elizabeth Bishop

The Two-Headed Calf” by Laura Gilpin

The Red Wheelbarrow” and “This Is Just to Say” by William Carlos Williams

“How to Triumph Like a Girl” by Ada Limón

Strawberries” by Edwin Morgan

Heirloom” by torrin a. greathouse

Catholic Guilt” by Brittney Uecker

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